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Every business venture requires appropriate business organization. Selection of right kind of form of Organization may not be decided on the basis of pre-conceived notions but it requires systematic study about business risks, capital needs, operation scale, location, proposed investors, tax structure and host of other parameters.

Formation of Business

We assist the promoters to select right kind of organization structure most suited to enable them to minimize business risks, tax liabilities, and maximize their returns. Selection of right kind of business organization also enables the promoters to manage their capital needs efficiently by changing existing form of organization to another one or to exit from the business.

Taxezi provides total solutions, within the given time frame, right from the conceptualization of form of organization to actual bringing into existence the entity required for carrying on business.

  • Advising on “Right form” of organization
  • Formation of Corporate Entity (Company)- Private- Public
  • Formation of Joint Venture Companies (In-Bound Investments)
  • Formation of Charitable Corporate Entities not for distribution of Profits
  • Formation of Producer Companies
  • Formation of LLP
  • Formation of Partnership Firm
  • Formation of any other Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
Consultation on Company Law matters

Company being an intangible entity it acts only through a human agency. This peculiar characteristic of a company requires that the all the decisions of the Company are taken by appropriate body, viz. Shareholders, Board of Directors, Debenture Holders etc. Company Law requires that for taking decisions by the company appropriate meetings, i.e. of Shareholders, Board of Directors, Debenture Holders are called and held and the decisions taken are properly recorded as per the law. Companies Act, 2013 has made elaborate provisions for company administration. Most of the corporate actions require compliance with the procedures and filing of prescribed e-forms and documents on-line with the Registrar of Companies, whose offices are located in each State. Law also requires recording of specific corporate actions in prescribed registers (Registers are called as Statutory Registers).

Taxezi provides proactive support in company law management services which includes providing support in calling and holding of meetings, drafting of minutes, resolutions and documents, e-filing of Forms to MCA21 portal, maintenance of Statutory Records.
We provides the following Company Law Management Services:

  • Advising on retainer basis to small and medium scale companies for whom appointment of Company Secretary in whole time employment is not mandatory.
  • Drafting of minutes, resolutions, statutory documents and maintenance of Statutory Registers.
  • Supporting Corporate Actions required for Change of Name of a Company, Change in Object, Shifting of Registered Office, Increase in Capital, Amendment Articles of Association (list is not exhaustive)
  • Licensing Services with regulatory authorities’ viz. Registrar of Companies, Regional Director, Ministry of Corporate affairs, etc. to obtain required approvals under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Attending show cause notices and presentation of a case before statutory authorities.
  • Carrying out Voluntary Winding-up and striking-off the name of the company.
  • Compounding of offenses under Companies Act, 2013.
Foreign Exchange Management Act.
  • Setting up of Joint Venture Company in India
  • Opening of Liaison and branch offices in India
  • Drafting of foreign collaboration / joint venture / technology transfer agreement etc
  • Liaising with Reserve Bank of India / Secretariat of Industrial Approvals / Foreign Investment Promotion Board – obtaining necessary approvals
  • Obtaining permissions from Reserve Bank of India under FEMA
  • Permission for External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
  • Obtaining Specific permissions from Reserve Bank of India under
  • Facilitation for Compounding of Offenses under FEMA
Foreign Exchange Management

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